Corporate Membership Program
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Corporate Membership Program 
The corporate membership program will allow a corporation or business in geographic service area of the Tri-County Rotary Club to become a member of our club, and appoint up to three designees for one or all of the individuals to attend club meetings and serve on projects and committees.  This will allow the corporation or business to serve their community while obtaining exposure for their organization. One designee will be identified as the "Primary Rotarian" and listed as a member of Rotary International. "Active" corporate members will receive emails and updates from the club.  Only the "Primary Rotarian" will receive the Rotarian Magazine.
New Member Packet Fee and Annual Dues must be paid in a single payment when billed for membership to be active in the club.
  • Corporate member may appoint up to three designees.  Each designee will be listed as a member of the Tri-County Rotary Club and will be listed as a member of the Corporation.
  • Corporate members may change designees at any time.
  • Corporate Member designees may not hold an office on the Tri County Rotary Club Board of Directors.
  • Only the "Primary Rotarian" may vote on all matters presented to the general membership.
  • Corporate Members are expected to be in attendance 6 hours per quarter, which may be split up among designees, if preferred.  Attendance is defined as any presence at regular club meeting, or attendance at any service events or other Rotary functions.
  • Corporate designees may convert to regular membership at any time should they leave the employment of the corporation, or wish to serve on the Board of Directors of Tri County Rotary Club
  • Tri County Rotary Club agrees to publish the name of the Corporation in press releases and other printed materials when designees of said Corporation are present for the event being covered.  Further, logos linked to the Corporate Website will be featured on the Tri County Rotary Club Website, and will also be used when printing general items such as event programs, etc.